A legal text is hard to read for the inexperienced reader. Nonetheless, both students and teachers get confronted with the Higher Education and Academic Research Act (HEARA). This especially applies to students and teachers active in participation bodies and education committees. But also student associations, student unions or students with an advisory role in an education or faculty board may have an interest in understanding the Act. The HEARA contains the legal basis upon which the Dutch higher education is founded. Among others, the rights of students, the regulations regarding participation and the structure of higher educational institutions are included.

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This book is meant for all that may be confronted with the HEARA and is aimed at familiarizing you with the regulations regarding higher education. We have attempted to avoid difficult legal terminology and, wherever this wasn’t possible, explain the terminology. Not every article, but a selection of articles picked by the authors is clarified. In the end (appendix II) we included the most relevant legal articles. We do recommend checking whether the article referred to in this book is still relevant, since articles tend to be amended on a regular basis (both minor and major topics). It is thus of use to have the most recent edition of the HEARA at hand or to check the articles at www.wetten.nl (this website contains the most up to date version of the applicable law).

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